So many of us think that small space means restriction. It might even mean no space for style or bold design. In this blog, we will give you some ideas to prove this wrong and make you enjoy a tiny bathroom or a powder room in your home. Whether quirky wallpaper or tiny mosaic tiles, you will see how much a small space can talk.

Creating extra storage space can seem like an impossible task. However, we have some tips and tricks to spruce each square foot. Keeping it organized with tiny sinks, floating shelves, and towel racks would create harmony in your bathroom. Open shelves are often preferred over the toilet as that part creates no danger of head injuries. Decorate them with some candles and items to light up the space.

One tip is to use the length of the room. Vertical solutions like towel racks, functional shelves, and behind-the-mirror cabinets are some of the ways to maximize space.

Being bold in choosing shower curtains or wallpapers makes a tiny place stand out. Using colors and movements on one of the walls gives the room movement and life. Try not to overdo it.

To reduce clutter, use small-sized sink cabinetry and sympathetic sinks on top of it. If you see any space close to your bathtub, leveling that with two open shelves could mean the world to some. Organize your towels and place them there for peace of mind.

Modern minimalistic bathroom sink from stone

Another decision would be whether you need a bathtub or not. You can always go with a modern-looking, sleek-lined shower corner. Glass showers provide the advantage of occupying less space and do not darken the room. It is always sexy to see these black metal framed showers.

Would you like to showcase your taste in tiles? Don’t think that you do not have space because you do. Imagine a sink on top of colorful, hand-painted tiles instead of an ordinary countertop material. You’ll never get bored of it.

Elevating the ambiance with a chic design mirror is another trick. Everyone knows mirrors amplify space! On top of that, if you choose a design piece that would highlight the whole environment.

Not all bathrooms are well laid out as rectangles. If you have an attic space, embrace the awkwardness of it and play with the movement. You can use wallpapers on one side and tiles on the other. Also, if you have a sky-looking window, consider the natural light entering and beaming over your choice of color.

Powder rooms are to impress guests. If you have a nice collection of toiletries, gather them in a lovely basket and share them over your toilet tank or sink countertop. The custom-made cabinet can now be used for extra toilet paper and towels. Beautiful trays and handmade baskets are highly available in decor shops. You can find well-designed and affordable ones anywhere.

If you like collecting items and enjoy antiquity, imagine a bathroom with old framed photos showcased around the toilet. This style goes well with hanging plants on top of floating shelves where abundance does not disturb one. Crowded walls are bold enough to smooth down the contrasting colors on the walls.

Coloring your cabinets with vibrant colors will help keep the space alive. If you want more precise tones for the bathroom, cabinets are where you can hype it! If you have a tiny powder room, you can dare to go dark green; however, do not forget that it makes the room feel smaller.

Lighting is essential. Whether you choose to have swing arm sconce lamps or seamless illuminated mirrors, use details that reflect that minimal light. A decision on knobs and gloss cabinets would be a good idea.

Custom-made cabinets in small spaces are a must. Whether this is a wall-mounted sink cabinet or open shelves to maximize storage, working with a designer and seeing the functionality can increase its beauty.