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We listen to you.
We create dream spaces together.
You enjoy it.

At Magnia, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. Through several full-home renovations, we have come to realize that kitchen, bathroom, and closet renovations can be the most complex and costly endeavors for homeowners. With this in mind, we have created Magnia to simplify the cabinet design process and make it an enjoyable, seamless experience for our clients.

From the initial planning stages to the moment you create cherished memories in your new kitchen, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience. We take the time to truly listen to our clients’ needs and desires, and work tirelessly to deliver an ideal kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life!

Sule Koc is a renowned industrial designer who collaborated with magnia to create brand's unique kitchen designs.

Meet our designer: Sule Koc

Sule Koc is an independent industrial designer who provides product design, spatial design and design consultancy services.

She has been directing design projects for companies from various industries including exhibition, furniture, lighting, construction elements, transportation and ceramics industry. 

She has been recognized by many prestigious international design awards including Red Dot Design, A’ Design and German Design Awards.


/ ‘magnea / adjective

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Story behind our name

The name ‘magnia’ is derived from the words “magnificent,” “magical,” fluent as in “magma,” beautiful, and aesthetic, as in “magnolia.”

Our focus is on enhancing both form and functionality in your daily living spaces.

Our mission

To provide homeowners with high-quality, custom cabinetry that combines exceptional craftsmanship with cost-effective solutions, enabling them to both enjoy their present spaces and envision future possibilities.

Our vision

To empower individuals to bring their dream kitchens and bathrooms to life by valuing and incorporating their ideas into the design process. We strive to create inspiring spaces that reflect the unique lifestyles of our clients.

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Our value statement

Effective communication and transparency are essential for fostering a harmonious working relationship. Regular updates and prompt responses alleviate stress for all parties involved in the project.

At our company, we recognize that the process of building a kitchen space can be challenging and strive to change that.

One of our core principles is to prioritize customer satisfaction by providing exceptional service from the beginning. We assure our clients that we are always available to offer support and assistance.

Our services

Main services

Site measurement
Virtual assistance
Free preliminary cost estimate & 3D Modeling
Style, Material, Hardware selection
Sample Provision
3D Rendering
Customer Service
Material Provision

Complementary services to prepare your space

Cabinet removal
Electrical relocation
Mechanical relocation
Bulkhead construction
Backsplash installation