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We collaborate with your architects, contractors, and suppliers from the initial planning stages to the completion of the project. Our focus on meticulous attention to detail and clear, effective communication ensures a seamless process, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the decisions made throughout the project.

Why Magnia

Frequently asked questions
Do you do custom kitchens?2022-12-17T00:53:55+03:00

Absolutely! We strongly believe every space and homeowner is unique. We share our collections created by award-winning designers to inspire you, however we approach each project with enthusiasm and create customized kitchens to reflect your lifestyle.

How much will my kitchen remodeling with Magnia cost?2022-12-17T00:56:40+03:00

Each remodeling is unique and varies in cost depending on aspects such as the size, materials, and space itself. Magnia is determined to deliver you high-quality cabinetry at approachable prices. To get a free estimate, contact us today!

What is included in my estimate?2022-12-17T01:12:26+03:00

Your free estimate includes all cabinetry components, LED cabinet lighting, delivery, installation, hardware (knobs and handles) and pre-renderings. Upon your request and need, we include countertop, cabinet organizers and necessary remodeling services such as old cabinet removal, plumbing, flooring etc.

Are Magnia’s services limited to kitchen and bathroom remodeling?2022-12-17T00:51:54+03:00

Fortunately, we can also help you remodel your custom walk-in closets, wardrobes, built-ins and open-wall shelves in your living space.

What is the lead time for kitchen cabinet orders?2022-12-17T01:00:22+03:00

Once the design process is over and the order is placed, the lead time for an average-size kitchen is 12 – 14 weeks.

Is installation included in my estimate?2022-12-17T01:03:09+03:00

Yes, we think installation is the most fun! Seeing what we were able to achieve with homeowners is priceless.

Does Magnia offer any renovation services beyond cabinetry design and installation?2022-12-17T01:03:46+03:00

Yes, we aim to ease the path to your dream spaces by providing full-service under one roof. Some of the services include demolition, plumbing, electrical, drywall, paint, flooring, backsplash, appliances. If you already have contractors and designers, we are happy to collaborate with them towards your goals as well.

Is there a warranty on Magnia products and services?2022-12-17T01:04:41+03:00

Yes! A 2 year warranty is available for all our products and services.

Do you offer in-home consultation?2022-12-17T01:06:01+03:00

Our free consultation and pre-quote service can include a house visit if sufficient measurements and information cannot be provided by you or your designers. Nevertheless, we visit every home during the final design stage, to take precise measurements and verify the design’s harmony with the rest of the house. 

Campo Line is one of Magnia's classic kitchen collections where dark blue shaker cabinet doors are applied with silver colored handles. This is a zoom photo to showcase the glass cabinets placed on the countertop.


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