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2 bathroom remodeling project for a residential house in Toronto.

This brand-new construction is situated in the heart of Deer Park, just a stone’s throw away from Davisville station. Nestled in a lush, green neighborhood with abundant parks, Magnia undertook the cabinetry works for this project, transforming it into a stunning 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom single-family home.

At Magnia, we take pride in presenting this bathroom renovation within a new build project. We’ve skillfully crafted a space that radiates warmth and sophistication. Our team designed custom bathroom furniture with clean lines and two functional drawers, featuring clever cutouts to maximize your storage space while maintaining style. The bathtub placement allows ample natural light to stream in through the window, ensuring your daily routines are well-lit. In this exclusive bathroom, the timeless charm of marble seamlessly blends with opulent gold fixtures, creating a luxurious atmosphere. To enhance the architectural quality of the space, we’ve carefully balanced direct and indirect lighting, incorporating windows and mirrors into the design.