Kitchens changed, diversified according to our needs, and are indeed promoted to be the center of our homes. More than just cooking and storage spaces, kitchens are now an important part of the social life inside our homes as living and entertaining areas. And kitchen islands are the focal point of this interaction for sure.

Considering functionality, an island provides a wider working area for food preparation and cooking activities besides offering extra storage options. Being the core station of the kitchen, it creates a new variation of circulation paths. You can place your sink, stove, or any other appliances you want on the island according to your utilization preference. With some additional features, decorative shelves for your books and seating combinations for your family and guests, you can benefit from the versatility of this attraction point.

Whether you are preparing lunch boxes for your kids when they are having breakfast sitting across from you, having dinner with your family encircled, or hosting and entertaining your friends with brunch… Kitchen islands have the potential to become what you need. Not to mention the various combinations and design options for seating. The kitchen island is undoubtedly the new dining table and bar, which gravitates people to relax and socialize.