When doing a kitchen renovation project, many decisions must be made. One of them is undoubtedly whether the sink will be single or double. Considering that both have advantages and disadvantages, let’s look at the criteria we need to examine before making the right decision.

The first thing you need to evaluate is the size of the counter space that you will have in your kitchen. Depending on your chosen layout and the area the cabinets and appliances will cover, the countertop size (workspace) will vary. The sink also occupies an essential place in this work area. If you are designing a small single-wall kitchen, choosing a single sink would be wise to avoid losing too much space from the countertop. Depending on preference, single sinks can be even in narrow dimensions, such as 30cm. If you think you will never need to wash dishes in the sink, and your eating habits include ready-made foods that do not require passing the ingredients, you can consider these small-space models for your kitchen. But if these activities are a part of your life, remember that you will need a sink of at least 60cm in width.

We mentioned washing the dishes. Double bowl sinks dominated the market for a long time, providing an easy system with two compartments for clean and dirty water. So, if you prefer not to use a dishwasher, double sinks may be the right choice for you. But remember to check the bowl size when making it, considering that you will need space to wash bigger dishes like pots, pans, or baking trays. Traditionally, double sinks have two same-size bowls. However, various models contain different-sized bowls, one bigger and one smaller. In these models, the bowls’ depth may also change to serve other uses, such as soaking or rinsing. A smaller bowl is always more advantageous and environmentally conscious, considering less water usage while soaking.

Variety of vegetables in the kitchen sink of modern kitchen close up.

At this point, we would like to remind you that it is still possible to choose a single sink and transform it according to your purpose with the help of various apparatus. Today, manufacturers offer many additional devices to the market, which can be easily moved left and right by sitting on the sink and removed when desired, allowing the sink to be used in its original state. So, if you think you need a smaller bowl sometimes, do not forget this option.

Having two separate compartments serves for dishwashing and makes washing and rinsing items like meat and vegetables more accessible. Especially in prominent families, sometimes these two actions go simultaneously, and double sinks would be handy to separate them as one bowl for serving food preparation. The other is used for stashing dirty dishes. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the number of people in your family who will use the sink is also one of the factors in making this decision.

Another crucial point about how to choose your sink is garbage disposal. In single bowls, drain and garbage disposal are connected. On the other hand, in double sinks, garbage disposal can be used on one drain while the other serves general purposes. Double sinks may be better for you if you prefer to keep them separate. This way, it becomes clear which bowl is used for dirty items and which should be kept clean. However, if your priority in the kitchen is to be fast and you don’t want to think about which bowl to use while cooking, choose one bowl where you can send everything to one place. Many people prefer a single bowl sink because of its ease of use. Just remember that if your sink is already in use, like being full of dirty dishes, then the garbage disposal will be non-accessible.

Last but not least, price is essential when deciding on the sink. Single bowl sinks are always more affordable than double ones. Of course, the dimensions are also a necessary criterion in this matter. If you have a limited budget, single sinks may be a better option, but if you are going to make a price comparison, do not forget to add the prices of the additional apparatus you want.

Black faucet with a steel sink in a stylish modern kitchen.

There is no wrong or right decision when choosing your kitchen sink since many factors should be considered. Use this guide to see which point is more critical for you and compare the pros and cons of both options. Make your decision by considering your and your family’s habits and daily kitchen routine. If you need some guidance, contact Magnia to make this decision with the help of professionals.