Shaker cabinet doors are often related to traditional designs. This classic design comes from a Colonial era with an exciting story. Have you ever wondered why they are called shakers? A religious group manufactured Shaker-style cupboard doors in the 18th century, where it originated from Manchester. Shortly after Shaking Quakers, they were named the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. They dedicated their precious time and used the best wood to produce valuable cabinets that made them proud.

This everlasting style has a flat center panel and a raised rectangular frame. It used to be more ornamental to showcase the craftsmanship. However, we can see a modern re-take of this classical style today. What does not change is its functionality and aesthetic looks. It can address many people’s tastes with its evolving story.

a wooden wardrobe drawer front, metal handle

Fewer ornaments and slim frames created a seamless classical modernism. We have popular minimalism by Adding matte color choices to these. Its balanced proportions can be adapted to suit every type of interior design. There are many ways designers can guide you through this style to make it yours to embrace with colors, maximized storage spaces, contrast, and glass cabinet windows.

Incorporating colors into this traditional style is not something new. Even though the first producers appreciated the magic of hardwood, they never excluded brave colors to add character. Today, more materials exist for cabinets, and the color choices are endless. Bespoke cabinet doors are hand-painted in any shade and can be freshened over the years. When Magnia’s award-winning designer Sule Koc designed the Campo, she was bold enough to choose a dark blue, and we loved it. Take a look at Magnia Classic Kitchens.

Having enough storage space in the kitchen is always the case. We observe more closed doors and functional storage spaces in classical design. The harmony between these doors and open shelves provides fresh air in a contemporary take. Spaciousness within and outside the cabinets encourages you to spend more time in the kitchen. Clever storage ideas are essential in the modern kitchen, and we have various options to help you keep your space neat and organized. It can feature deep drawers for pans, wine racks, spice racks, and an extended pantry to facilitate cooking. Don’t forget all these innovations are there for you and your loved ones to use.

This style is known as timeless. We recommend our clients not to go after the trendy because once it’s everywhere, you get bored, but shaker doors are not the case. They are genuinely timeless with their versatility and clean lines. Contemporary twists can be splashed with modern hardware like bronze handles, standout appliances, and contrast countertop choices.

Simple modern Scandinavian style kitchen, kitchen details, wooden table, bouquet in a vase on the table.

Glass cabinet doors are often chosen instead of open shelves because of the easy-to-clean aspect. It still gives you depth and openness while keeping the dust-out. This low-maintenance option adds decor to the kitchen and allows you to display your precious items. Stain glass doors bring a touch of elegance and color to the kitchen without being overwhelming.

In addition to their timeless appeal and functional design, slim Shaker cabinet doors offer another advantage that homeowners appreciate: ease of maintenance. The simplicity of the Shaker style lends itself to effortless cleaning and upkeep. The absence of intricate details and ornate embellishments means fewer openings for dust and grime to accumulate, making routine cleaning a breeze. This low-maintenance quality ensures your kitchen looks fresh and modern with minimal effort.

Moreover, the functional design of slim Shaker cabinet doors ensures that they maintain their modernism over time. While other styles may become dated and lose appeal, the clean lines and versatile nature of Shaker doors remain relevant. This enduring quality allows your kitchen to maintain its contemporary aesthetic even as design trends evolve. By choosing slim Shaker cabinet doors, you can enjoy a kitchen that looks timeless and remains functional and easy to maintain for years to come.