If you’re undertaking a full-home renovation or have the opportunity to choose your kitchen layout, it’s essential to select the design that will best utilize the available space. While it may seem easier to start with more limited options, taking the time to consider your specific needs and preferences can lead to a more functional and satisfying final design. Let’s see which layout resonates with you more:

One wall kitchen layout with an island

The One-Wall Kitchen

The one-wall kitchen layout is a compact option, ideal for smaller spaces such as European apartments or office areas where the linear layout is common. This layout is highly efficient as it eliminates the need for corner cabinets, allowing for easy access and the option to include an island. To make the most of this space, we recommend placing the refrigerator on one end and maximizing storage with cabinets that reach the ceiling. When planning your countertop space, consider the workspace you need for your sink and stove.

Galley - 2 wall kitchen layout

The Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen layout is a great option for those who have a narrow or limited space to work with. It’s often referred to as a “tunnel” design, with cabinets on both sides. Like the one-wall kitchen, it eliminates the need for corner cabinets, allowing for extra storage space.

One of the key considerations for this layout is that it should have enough width to avoid traffic. It’s also important to have working areas on both sides if there are multiple cooks in the household, to maximize functionality. It’s a cost-efficient layout that can be highly functional if planned and executed correctly.

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