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  • modern kitchen with sleep lines and details
  • perfect condo design kitchen

Element is Magnia’s minimalist kitchen design that offers a modular appearance that fits perfectly with any type of layout. This stylish and budget-friendly design is perfect for condominiums and offers a wide range of color options to mix and match to find your own personal style. The Element design is characterized by its sleek and clean lines, creating a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

The design features open shelves, hidden storage, and smart organization solutions to maximize space and functionality. Its modular design also allows for flexibility in configuring the kitchen to fit any size or shape. The Element kitchen design offers the perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability, making it a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their condo kitchen.

Designed by : Sule Koc

She has been recognized by many prestigious international design awards including Red Dot Design, A’ Design and German Design Awards.

  • Laminated particle board on cabinet body
  • MDF or massive wood on doors and visible surfaces
  • 3/4” (18mm) thickness
  • Built-in (angled-cut edge) handles
  • Laminated

*These are the selected textures and colors by Magnia for this collection, please request to see other options.

*These are the selected textures by Magnia for this collection, please refer to the ALPI catalog for other options.x

  • Panel doors
Base units
Appliance cabinets

Corner solutions

Blum hardwares

Minimal design idea, which is expressed perfectly as “less is more” by Mies van der Rohe, affected the design world in many areas, including kitchen interior design. We created this collection to give you the most modern minimalist kitchen by using simple but at the same time aesthetic kitchen ideas. Combining the flexible modularity with staring colors and wooden patterns, you can create a kitchen that is perfect for you. The minimalist inspiration you are looking for is in this collection.